Artwork by Cristina Ulander.


Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf 

Mounted in an Open Frame 

90 x 90 cm 


I Fly To You

  • I am a professional artist living and working in East Devon. My work is mainly concerned with light, colour, and pattern, however at the moment I seem to be focused on skies, storms, and clouds, the more atmospheric the better. I am painting with oils on aluminium and perspex which gives my paintings a completely different finish, very smooth, like an airbrushed finish, but created using ordinary paintbrushes.

    The themes that run through my work are always inspired by nature,
    I have explored the underworld beneath the sea and the skies that soar above and what sits in between, I never fail to be completely in awe of what surrounds me.


    I studied textile design at Taunton College of Art, not the sort of textiles where you sew, but designing and printing repeat patterns for furnishing, and (to a lesser extent) fashion fabrics. After college I spent several years designing greetings cards and wrapping papers for the big publishing houses in London. I migrated westward and spent several years working in an animation studio, in the years when every thing was hand drawn and painted. We produced the notable series that went out on Chanel 4 called “Wolves, Witches, and Giants” with the legendary Spike Milligan doing the voice overs. I have been painting my own vision for the last 20 years, I love it, and long may it last!

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