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Why is “online” important for artists?

Artists often have different attitudes to online marketing. Some tentatively explore social media platforms and build an online following; some fully embrace it, listing themselves on numerous gallery and sales sites, setting up their own website and everything in between; others see it as a break from tradition and that the online market place can never offer what a physical gallery offers.

We believe the importance of the online marketplace as a supporting tool for artists is indisputable; online promotion through social media is a must for any professional artist looking to make a living from their work, and a website with digital portfolio and CV are often equally necessary for maintaining a credible image. Many will even take on the burden of running their own online store, an undertaking which is both time-consuming and expensive. Regularly producing content for blogs and all manner of social media outlets can often take up more time than producing the work these tasks aim to promote!

So, if it can't be avoided, we want to make sure the process of being "online" is as painless as possible, without being ineffective. And we'll tell you how Arthub aims to solve that, in our next blog post!



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