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The Art of You - Artist Stories - Kristy Campbell

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Artist Statement: Artist and Writer based in Norwich, UK.

MA Fine Art graduate from Norwich University of the Arts, 2014.

This practice aims to convey a visual language that demonstrates the fluid ambiguity of meaning, hence of reading; through discourse, design, and changing contexts.

This study of semiotics challenges linguistic traditions, methods of curation, and medium, but more intensively it confronts the connotation forced and attached to particular words.

Deconstruction and Deconstructivism theory fuel this. They intend to tilt, to fragment, and to stylize forming a dysfunctional and seemingly misguided structure, making way for an accessible alternative freedom within language.

Work Description: A duo of dark wood, engraved, designs. Succession (1) and Succession (3) began as digital prints, but in a classic experimental style they have taken the form of sculptures that demonstrate a cycle, one of meaning and definition that has been somewhat distorted or broken. They are each approximately 15x15cm and 3cm deep. They are to be placed, or leant, not hung.



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