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South Devon's First Sculpture Gallery

Back in 2020, in one of the few short windows we were able to open, it was great to participate in Devon Open Studios, which thanks to the exceptional Devon Artist Network Committee went ahead against all odds.

With the year having been pretty quiet we were determined to put on a bit of a show, and thanks to a lot of hard work and some good fortune we were able to do just that, with a huge Summer Open show, a retrospective showing of never before seen works of Richard Slater, and an active studio hosting with Open Studios Bursary winner William Mills. It was all topped off with a new event for us that we hoped would be a big hit with Devon Open Studios audiences, The Sculpture Studio.

And we’re pleased to say, a big hit it was! The Sculpture Studio brought together eight talented 3D artists from Devon and beyond to showcase with us - Kate Lyons Miller, Eilean Elland, Ezra Bailey, David Newman, Rose Ellis, Bev Knowlden, Elisabeth Hadley and Gesche Buecker - and despite the unusual year, we welcomed one of our biggest audiences for the annual event. We even extended the show, with work from the group ultimately being shown right up the end of the year.

And in 2021, we’ve decided to keep the ball rolling. Not only will The Sculpture Studio be returning for Devon Open Studios in September, but it will also have a permanent year round place with us, as we look forward to opening South Devon’s first dedicated Sculpture Gallery.

Welcoming back some of the 2020 artists and also inviting some new faces, the Sculpture Gallery will occupy our newest space at Lucius Street, with five artists currently confirmed to join our ranks and two still to come.

We’ll be announcing details of some of the amazing work you can expect to see over the coming weeks, and until we re-open, you’ll have the chance to get a first glimpse of collections online.

To be the first to hear announcements about our new Sculpture Gallery, make sure your signed up to our newsletter, and if you want to get a feel for what it’s all about, why not check out The Sculpture Studio as it was in the 2020 Devon Open Studios event.



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