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Slimming World

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

That Mr Moon on his green cheese diet,

shed the bulk of his body weight in just four weeks.

Starved himself to the width of a scimitar, he did,

lost all his curves. Well, nearly all.

But within a month, he’d piled it all back on again,

plumped right up to a pasty sphere.

Of course, faddy eating doesn’t work.

He keeps on yo-yoing, never learns,

and confining yourself to only one of the food groups

can’t be healthy – look how pale he is!

Maybe all that bingeing on dairy

has triggered lactose intolerance.

It was one of those slimming regimes

endorsed by the stars - how to lose weight

the Milky Way.

© Melanie Branton 2019



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