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RWA Annual 168th Open Exhibition

As an Academician with the RWA, and, given that it has been a year where opportunities to show work have been a rarity, I was delighted to be invited to display two of my works in their 168th Annual Open Exhibition that was due to open on 2nd January. But alas it is not to be and although all work has been delivered and is hung, this exhibition, like so many has had to be postponed.

One can only imagine how eerie the space must feel, bereft of the crowds of people who would normally attend, lacking those murmurs of reaction and appreciation and conversations around the pieces that made it through the selection process.

All works can still be viewed online via their website and whilst no substitute for the experience of visiting a space and to be able to take in the diverse array of art that is a signature of this annual show, at least it is something until such time as the show can open to the public.

Shows such as this are to be treasured as they invite submissions from both established and emerging artists working across all mediums, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, installation and mixed media and offer that rare chance to discover a new artist or invest in a well-known name.



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