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PRESS RELEASE | Torbay Students Celebrate Their World Through Art

A group of Torbay schools has come together with the support of a local fine art gallery and prominent family-run property developer to show the importance of the arts in their curriculums with a collaborative exhibition of students work. With the kind support of Cavanna Homes, Artizan Gallery will host a showcase of KS3, KS4 and KS5 work from young people across Torbay in an exhibition that asked students to consider the theme of “My World”.

As education budgets are stretched thin the security of the creative arts in schools is a concern for many who fear they may be the first to suffer in favour of core subjects despite the known benefits of allowing young people the opportunity for creative expression. From improved mental health, to better problem solving and communication skills, it has long since been established that the visual and performing arts have impact far beyond the art class or drama studio.

Forming a part of Artizan’s main 2019 programme, the showcase will be hosted in their professional exhibition space on Lucius Street and sit alongside solo and group shows from full-time practising artists. The English Riviera gallery is committed to supporting the local arts community from emerging to professional artists across Torbay and South Devon and “My World” continues their work with students and young artists, marking their most ambitious attempt to reach out to the local education sector, as well as acting as a platform to launch new opportunities for young people at the gallery.

“We’ve regularly invited students to work with us since opening the gallery. Earlier this year we had the opportunity of working with artist Claire Harmer who teaches young artists from Torbay Council’s Medical Tuition Service, exhibiting their GCSE pieces. Her work and that of her students is really inspiring and it’s unmistakable the importance art plays in their education. To be able to welcome students from multiple schools for a second exhibition this year with the support of Cavanna Homes is a real bonus and we’re hoping it’s building a strong foundation for future work in Torbay with young visual artists.” Jacob Brandon, Artizan Gallery

Group Director, Martin Cavanna commented “we are supporting Artizan this year as part of our commitment to local organisations in the area and delighted to be involved with the Torbay Schools Art Exhibition which provides a fantastic opportunity for local students”.

The exhibition theme offers students the opportunity to explore their own interests within their lives, thinking about the things that are important to them or alternatively considering wider global issues. More than 70 submitted works from nine participating schools showcase an incredible range of personal responses produced in various media from photography, digital techniques, to fine art to sculpture.

On October 22nd the exhibition hosted a prize giving ceremony with the support of awards sponsors The Training Partnership and Accounting 4 Everything, presenting 10 students with prizes recognising their exceptional work in various categories including photography, fine art and sculpture.

The exhibition is being hosted at Artizan Gallery and runs until 2nd November. For more information on Artizan Gallery visit More details on “My World” can be found at



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