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Keep Talking Torbay

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We are talking sweeping boulevards

we are talking exotic palm trees

we are talking church towers

we are talking wooded skylines;

but more than that we are talking

human intervention

the draining, the weathering

the clearing, the flooding

the reclaiming, the quarrying

the crop managing

the developing, the shaping

the barrow-winding roads;

we are talking the heritage

the people, the diversity

the entertainers

the movers, the shakers

the developers, the bone-caves;

we are talking the natural

phenomena of geology

the mudstone, the limestone

the sandstone

the free draining red soil

the marine lives, the underwater caves

the offshore islands;

and we are talking

the fertility, the calcicole plants

the saltgrass and its filtering

the hedgerows and its flowers;

and then we are talking

the coastal shapes

the cliffs, the combes

the rolling farmland

the slopes, the valleys

the low lying coast, the beaches;

and then we are talking

the moon,

the moon, how it runs red

over Torbay

we are talking the moon.

© Sheila Aldous 2019



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