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Beach Hut Culture Update: July 2018

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

As I’m writing this, Artizan is bliss and calm on a mid-June morning. The sun is shining, we have lovely art on the walls (see our June show, I’ve had a gorgeous walk at Cockington bright and early; all is well. However, I know that by the time you’re reading this it will be a completely different picture…

Why? Because now its July, we’re either just a couple of weeks away from the launch of the Artizan Summer Open 2018, or we’re in it and its happening!

So, I’ll quickly fast forward and join you in the present. This is our fourth annual Summer Open and for 2018 it’s grown a huge amount. We’re here on Fleet Walk (Unit 5 aka the old Laura Ashley Building if you’re a local) with a gorgeous space thanks to Edinburgh House Estates, surrounded by wonderful art thanks to a huge number of supportive artists. The exhibitions completely open in theme, so we’ve got something for everyone from contemporary photography through to traditional still life, with everything from ceramics to wire sculpture in between.

How am I feeling? Primarily, excited! It’s great to be here with so many wonderful local artists, as well as exclusive national and international submissions! I’m also quite tired (probably); after all we’ve been decorating the exhibition space getting it ready for the show for the last week or so and hanging (at least) 100 pieces of artwork!

But I’m not complaining. How could I, when we’re getting to Celebrate Visual Arts in Torbay in such a big way!

We’re here from the 12th of July right the way into the end of August and everything you need to know can be found at including all the works, images from the show, blog posts and more.

Across Torbay there’s loads more happening as we gear up for Summer. The list is absolutely huge, so this month we’re bringing you a full update online at where you an also find all of our previous articles if you’re super keen!



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