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Free Online Gallery for All Entries - Announcement - Artizan Summer Open 2018

With so many lovely entries coming in and the knowledge that at some point we're going to have the hard task of judging them, we decided to make a small change to the call. We know that all the work that is coming in deserves to be seen, and to be honest, we can't wait to show it off, so someone at Team Artizan had a bright idea.

Why not show every single work? The only thing that's stopping us is the small issue of wall space, but that's not an issue on our wonderful website. So, we've decided that every entry will now feature in the online exhibition gallery regardless of selection, meaning, every piece you submit will appear on the Summer Open 2018 digital platform.

Not only this, but works will be going live as we receive them and will stay live on the site for the rest of 2018 in line with our exhibition offer. This effectively means you get a free listing on Arthub, which is a pretty good deal when our E-commerce offer is usually £150!

So, to recap, submit a work, get it online straight away, and then its up for selection for the main show. You can't say fairer than that really?

Remember to check out all of the information about the exhibition here.



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