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Beach Hut Culture Update: September 2017

As we sat down to write our September culture update, we started to notice a common theme running through this month’s calendar. No, it’s not that they’re all events that we’re incredibly excited for (although that is certainly true also!) but the fact that they all revolve around journeying. So, this month, it’s time to satisfy – or perhaps arouse – that little bit of wanderlust that the Summer weather inevitably always brings.

“Come, Tell Me How You Live”, this is the summons of the 2017 International Agatha Christie Festival taking place 13th-17th September. Taken from the title of the little-known Syrian memoir which Christie fought to publish, the words echo a request the author claimed she was asked often after her travels in the Middle-East with archaeologist husband Max Mallowan. It is also a request she playfully asks him in a poem entitled with the same name that prologues the memoir. A question that Max too may have asked enquiringly of the artefacts of ancient cultures he unearthed on the dig sites. And now it is a question posed to festival attendees, as this year the event considers the many “possibilities of literature” to share and explore a rich diversity of “cultures and histories”. An extensive programme of talks, performances, workshops and exhibitions will disclose stories of a myriad of stirring journeys, in a long weekend which promises to be as enthralling as it is eye-opening.

A travel experience far closer to home is promised by “The Tale”, a mysterious arts event offering a “Journey of Discovery Across Torbay” on the final three weekends of September. Situations, the curators of the festival, are keeping their cards close to their chest when questioned on its contents, though some details were revealed at a recent event held at the gallery. What we do know, is that the festival is based on a text on Torbay written by author Philip Hoare which appears in his new book RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR, and will feature works from acclaimed international creators including artist Marc Rees, performer Claire Cunningham, and natural history and documentary sound recordist Chris Watson. This will undoubtedly be a journey worth taking.

Finally, Artizan will be transformed in its very own journey as we welcome artist Martin Bush to the gallery in September. Martin will be bringing his exhibition “Jewel Temple” to Torbay, featuring a series of work inspired by his travels around Asia and specifically Thai culture. “Thailand and its temples are very much within this series. The serenity and spiritual moments felt when visiting these spaces while painting has given me a new concept. My latest work is a celebration of these magnificent temples, reflected through use of gold leaf and a bright colour palette.” The exhibition opens on 1st September with an Artist Preview event between 18:00-20:00. We do hope you can join us!



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