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An Update on Things to Come…

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Good evening everyone! Wow, it is certainly Summer now isn’t it…is everyone with us when we say that the heat is making work super dull!?

We’re pretty busy in Gallery-land, so we just wanted to bring you a quick update on what’s coming up over the next couple of months as we speed through the Summer calendar.

Between now and the end of August we have (count them) 5 exhibitions! As I’m sure you can imagine, that makes our schedule look a little bit hectic, so we just wanted to let you know how we’re going to keep you all updated and give you a quick summary of the calendar.

So, are social media will look a little different and it might get a little busy. However, if you want to keep in the loop without all the clutter, we’ll be releasing a daily (hopefully!) summary blog each day which will go out on all our platforms. As well as this we’ll be living in our Instagram quite a bit and we’ll share the occasional post through to twitter and Facebook too. As well as this there’ll be some automated posts which role through. Our newsletters will be bi-weekly and again these will basically offer a summary of what we’re up to, which artists are coming and going and what you can expect from us.

But for now, here’s what to expect between now and the end of August!

Portraits to Abstraction – Works of Alan Price-Roberts – July 2nd – 21st -

This one’s already underway and we’re loving it! Alan is an immensely talented, multifaceted artist with work spanning a range of styles through abstraction and portraiture. A diverse career has seen his work exhibited across Europe with fine art training under Romeo di Garalamo, Terry Frost and John Piper.

His solo show with us at Artizan features a diverse range of his representational abstraction as well as recent and retrospective portraiture, and additionally a selection of his prints will be on display at our Summer Open Exhibition on Fleet Walk.

Exhibition Walkthrough (Live 9/07/18):

July Flash Exhibition – Works of Lynsey James – 23rd – 29th July -

You won’t want to miss this short, sweet show, but blink and it’ll be gone because Lynsey James is only joining us for one short week. The Exhibition focuses on her current body of work comprising a collection of original abstract acrylics on canvas. The series is inspired by the harmonious energy of the natural world particularly the movement of oceanic waters. Deep blues, indigo, violet and turquoise mingle with lighter hues to create a rich palette reflective of the many and varied moods that is characteristic of our planet’s oceans.

You can also find Lynsey’s work with us at Fleet Walk as part of our Summer Open show.

Aspects of Abstraction – Works of Douglas Bardrick – 4th August – 24th August -

Continuing a summer of abstraction, August will welcome artist Douglas Bardrick to the main gallery. With an extensive background in design, Douglas has held a long-standing international career in the arts, and additionally has played a part in developing some of the South West’s best-known arts spaces. Now retired, he paints from his home in Devon.

August sees him bring a collection of his recent works to Artizan, following several successful 2017 exhibitions. Also this month, join us for the exclusive launch of this show when we’ll welcome Torbay MP Kevin Foster to join us for Cocktails and Conversation.

Cocktails and Conversation: August 2nd // 18:30-20:30 //

Artist Preview: August 4th // 18:00-20:00 //

August Flash Exhibition – Works of Creative Coverage Members – 26th August – 31st August

Finally, we’ll wrap up this hectic two months with a short group show of works of Creative Coverage members. This arts focused PR agency represents some of the South West’s finest talent, showcasing their work at national venues. We’re privileged to have a selection of them joining us here for this short exhibition.

Artizan Summer Open Exhibition 2018 – Celebrating Visual Arts in Torbay – 12th July – 16th August -

And then, throughout it all, there will of course be the Artizan Summer Open Exhibition 2018! This exhibition is always a big deal in our calendar but this year, its bigger than ever.

As we head out with the exhibition on tour, we welcome more than 100 artists to join us at our pop-up space at the heart of the high street for a 4-week long spectacular displaying more than 100 works!!

This exhibition is not one to be missed and we’re indebted to the support of sponsors and partners including Edinburgh House Estates, Torbay Culture, Aesthetica Magazine, The Debonair Group, The Training Partnership Ltd. and many more, who have made this show a reality.

If you’d like to support the exhibition grab our special social media profile picture here to show your love, and remember to like and share our posts and content.

Exhibition Walkthrough (Live 18/07/18):


So that is the what to expect for the next two months. We’ll keep you in the loop as much as we can, and we’ll be shouting about Summer Open progress as we count down to launch night Thursday 12th. Remember to check out all the above links for more information and keep an eye out for exhibition scans going live for walkthroughs of the spaces. And if you fancy it give this post a share to help us reach everyone with the exciting news!



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