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A Torbay Moon

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The milky white moon

Sits on a cloudy, restless, ominous night sky

As a celestial night watch man

Beaming her natural light

As she guides sailors and fisherman

From the rough seas of the English Channel

Into the safe haven of the Bay

As the easterly wind whips, stirs her tumultuous & destructing winds

The gravitational pull

Swells and bulges the raging tide

Boats anchored; Ships braced

Biding their time for the tempestuous, wild sea to abate

The moon’s witnessed

The good, the great and the infamous

Have graced the Bay’s mercurial waters

Napoleon, billeted on the Bellephoron

A brief respite

Before, his pending exile

Brave soldiers marched

From our slipways

Leaving their footprints on Torbay’s history

As they sailed

On D-Day

Unaware of their fate

The Bay

She harbours her secrets

Historical shipwrecks

Sleep, silently on the sea bed

Home to an abundance of sealife

Dog fish dart in an out of the portholes

Barnacles and anemones stick to side of the rusting hulls

Cuttlefish’s squirt their ink at passing predators

As morning breaks

The sun rises over Thatcher’s Rock

Refraction glistens like diamonds

On the quiet, still, tranquil sea

No evidence

Of the previous night

Peace and calm restored

For another day in the Bay to be adored.

© Shelley Szender 2019



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