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A Sunday Afternoon Stroll in the Sunshine

This year I promised myself that I would try to get out walking a bit more, not only because we are surrounded by stunning scenery but also because, having lost my lovely Woodie just over two years ago, I was becoming increasingly aware that my fitness levels had started to drop.

So, this year I have been trying to walk to and from the gallery and have been joining the other half of the team on occasions when they are out for a walk with Cobi. This Sunday with Jacob and Grace off partying at Grinagog Brian and I headed in the other direction down to the harbour to pick up the South West Coast Path and take a walk up to Daddyhole which sits just above Meadfoot Beach.

Hardly a major hike but at least it’s a start! It’s uphill pretty much all the way so plenty of excuses to stop and take in the view whilst getting my breath back. Every time I wander past Peaked Tor I think what a great place it would be for a small open-air amphitheatre, yes, we could have our very own Minack here, just need some permissions and helping hands to make it happen, one day maybe?

When we got to the top we sat awhile and had some lunch then had a wander around the National Coastwatch Institution Visitor Centre that we had not even realised was there. Not a huge space but packed full of interesting information about the work the volunteers do, wildlife in the area plus a potted history of some significant events.

We then stopped off at the wonderful Headland Hotel for a coffee before heading back down for a wander around the harbour and along the seafront and then feeling thirsty again, grabbed a quick drink at One World Café which was in full Grinagog swing before heading back up the hill and home.



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