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A Force of Nature

The invitation to exhibit in the spring show at Wildwood Arts in Horrabridge was the key to release me from my end of 2020 lockdown lethargy and get me painting again. The fact that there was a deadline made the matter even more urgent. What to paint? As a Dartmoor artist I recalled images of the summer that had inspired me when on walks close to home and continued to remain in my mind. Now was the time to get down to it.

The exhibition has been renamed ‘a Force of Nature’ to reflect the strong theme that ran through all of the wotk that was submitted by the nine artists who will be exhibiting, with subjects chosen ranging from animals, seascapes, moor and woodland.

The exhibition is now open and will continue until mid June.: Wildwood Arts, Chapel Lane, Horrabridge, Yelverton, PL207SP.

Works can also be viewed online

The image below shows one of our many lockdown walks heading North from Haytor and is entitled 'Steping out from Haytor'

Another favourite walk - ' Walking on Hameldown'



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