Exhibitions Gone By

Discover our exhibition microsites from 2018 to present day or delve deeper into the archives through the exhibition panels below.

English Riviera Winter Open Exhibition 2019

My World: Student Exhibition 2019

The Hidden View

The Changing Colours of Dartmoor

Pest and the Profound


Imaginary Drawn with Light

"I happen to be here..."

Natural Affinity

2019 Calendar

December 2018 - Winter Open Exhibition

Ageing Well Festival 2018 - Pop-up Exhibition

October 2018 - We Are Making a New World

September 2018 - Distractions

August 2018 - Aspects of Abstraction

The Artizan Summer Open 2018

June 2018 - Greek Island Retreat

Easter 2018 - Artizan Artists at Cockington Court

March 2018 - Michael MacDonagh Wood & Veronica Charlesworth

January 2018 - Devon Masters

Work Breathe Relax

Autumn Showcase

Devon Open Studios 2019


On the Edge of Infinity | Coastal Resonance

MTS Student Exhibition 2019

Our Place in the Seven Heavens

Luminescent Nature

2019 Relaunch Exhibition

2018 Garden Salon Exhibition

November 2018 - Pauline Talbot

The Torbay Art Show 2018

September 2018 - Devon Open Studios

August 2018 Flash Exhibition - Creative Coverage

July 2018 Flash Exhibition - Oceans Energy

July 2018 - Portraits to Abstraction

May 2018 - Raw Art Forum

April 2018 - Cristina Ulander

February 2018 - The Art of You

Exhibitions Archive

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