2nd November - 24th November

Norwegian Inspiration

Works of Pauline Talbot

Cocktail Launch: 1st November // 18:30-20:30

Artist Preview: 2nd November // 18:00-20:00

A Peaceful ending.Fishermans last tale.j

Norwegian Inspiration

Works of Pauline Talbot, exhibited November 2018.

    Peace in Nature

    The natural world for many artists is a diverse and expansive source of inspiration, it's power and beauty evoking experience which is at once uniquely personal and universally shared in us all. For Pauline Talbot, it is the solitude, quiet and sense of place within nature that guides her richly vibrant and textural work. The influence of the natural world is resonant both in her 2D oil and mixed media landscapes, and unusual forms of her 3D ceramics and sculptures.


    Also joining us in September as part of Devon Open Studios, Pauline will be showing a mixture of her work across her 2D and 3D practice.

    Pauline Talbot

    On leaving a career in Primary Education I decided to explore a growing interest in art. I took a one year Access Course at Exeter College and then a three year degree course at Plymouth University; BAHons Designer Maker. This introduced me to the delights of working with clay and a variety of other materials. After Graduating in 2007 I set up a studio and workshop in my home. I currently produce ceramics and paintings.

    My work is inspired by a love of the natural world and a need to immerse myself in the countryside and my garden. Expressing a sense of solitude, quietness and of being with nature. It is a personal interpretation of place through vibrant colour, strong texture and light.

    My painting methods are constantly evolving. I work on several pieces at a time in a variety of media appropriate to the subject and feeling I want to evoke.

    Working with clay adds another dimension to this interpretation of landscape. It allows me to explore topography by manipulating the clay into a variety of exciting forms before painting.

    I work predominantly, in my studio, using numerous sketches and notes made on location. These are an integral part of my working process.
    Painting in oils on canvas, using a palette knife, has until now been my preferred medium. I like the feel of oil paint and the way it can be moved about to create forms and texture. More recently I have been exploring mixed media combining gesso, acrylic and oil, painted on a box canvas or wooden surface.


    Pastels are also a wonderfully expressive medium for me. I am enjoying experimenting with different surfaces to hold the colourful pastel. Currently I am working on board, layered with gesso, acrylic and finally pastel.

    In my ceramics I use stoneware clay that is painted and coloured using porcelain slips and oxides. Pieces are then fired to a high temperature so are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. I produce unique pieces that are all hand-built using either, the pinch, slab or coil methods. They vary in size from small hand held pieces to large garden sculptures.

    The content of all my work is a direct response to the mood, atmosphere and beauty of landscape.

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