Natural Affinity

 March 4th - 23rd 

Regular exhibitors together and long-term friends, North Devon artists Gill Jones and Jenny Smy are welcomed to Artizan with their distinct but sympathetic styles.

Artist Preview

 March 8th 18:00-20:00 

Meet Jenny and Gill to discuss their work at our Artist Preview event in March, an early chance to view the exhibition.

Both working diversely across a variety of mediums, the pair regularly challenge their predisposed working habits, most recently graduating with Fine Art Degrees from Plymouth University in 2011. In this exhibition, works lean towards abstraction, though elements of figuration remain across both collections, for a complete body of work that upholds the pairs affinity for the natural world that they have previously been recognised for.

Jenny is a painter and colourist:

“Colour is my passion. I draw my inspiration from the area in which I live and the proximity of the sea. Living in Devon, I am lucky that I only have to walk a mile or so to get to water. There are several rivers nearby and the local marshes and estuary often provide the inspiration and motivation for my work. I am drawn to the abstractions in nature and these play a large part in my work, sometimes without my being conscious of their presence until nearing completion of the piece.”


A love of abstract expressionism has continued and progressed with study into the works of artists such as Willem De Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler and Sam Francis among many others.


“My work uses many different media, I enjoy experimenting and think that play is an essential part in loosening up and moving forward in my work. Latterly I have been concentrating on oils and cold wax media and examples of this type of work is included in the exhibition.”

Gill first read for a B.Ed in Creative Arts, which she later taught, working in various media including 3D and photography throughout. Records of some of the photographic work from her “Tenuous Grasp” exhibition, which dealt with the vulnerability of Man, are held in the Special Collections Library on Women’s Art at Goldsmiths College.

Now also working in watercolour and acrylic, she is often inspired by the moors and shores of North Devon. More recently, Gill has been concentrating on printmaking and its diverse techniques whilst also enjoying Life drawing.


On Display