Lesley Bennetto

"Wow, Pow and Ow!"

‘Wow, Pow and Ow!’

My collection of recently created paintings reflect the complete colour chart of my life’s emotion.  Initialised by a ‘Wow’ buzz of magic inspiration, a transient thrill sparks into an embryonic germ of creation which insists on being realised in colour, texture and form.

Memories of childhood joy, light and contrasting adult unquiet combine as creative

essences that I capture in my original and vibrant interpretations.  My native south west as back canvas is often contrasted against the universal roaming of my intuitive and intellectual spontaneity.

Subtle hints of mood, humanity, time and place are often abstracted from nature in experimental multi-media keyed with partly pictorial veins as compass.

 ‘Wow’ delights and ‘Pow’ and ‘Ow’ emotions flow into being so painting for me has now become an open-eyed magic ride on the cascade of my painting.  Colour and form delight the eye and I am lost in creative motion and thrilled with halcyon, joyous and eternal possibilities…..a veritable wide-eyed magic carpet ride!