Keran Sunaski Gilmore

I love to capture the changing moods of my beautiful County."

Inspired by the Light

I was born in St.Ives from a long line of seafaring folk. My grandfather 'Willie Bish' worked family fishing boats out of St.Ives harbour for the whole of his life, even writing & publishing his life adventures in a book titled “My three score years and nine”. My father was in the Merchant Navy and then worked for Trinity House, at sea his whole life. You could say the ocean is in my blood.

People often ask where my name is from, well Keran is a Cornish form of Piran, the Cornish Saint, Sunaski is Polish from my Grandmothers family, who fortunately moved to Cornwall before the War, Gilmore is Irish (married name). You could say I'm a thoroughbred mongrel!

I have painted from early childhood, encouraged by my father and grandmother who both painted. I excelled at Art throughout school & then studied for many years at Falmouth School of Art (now Falmouth University), it's here I first gained her Foundation Degree in Art and then went onto gaining a Bachelor of Art Honours (B.A. Hons) Degree in Art.

Having always lived and worked locally I ran my own Gallery in Fore Street, St.Ives for many years before deciding to give up the business to follow my two passions; Painting and Dog Behaviour.

“I spent 22 years in the gallery and decided I wanted to be outside more. I loved walking and working with dogs and wanted to incorporate what I loved with how I worked”.

I sold my gallery and got a part time job as a Dog Trainer and Behaviour Advisor with a National Dog Rescue locally, this gives me the time to devote to my paintings from my studio at home and spend time with my hounds.

When not working on the rescue and rehabilitation dogs (having 5 of my own), I’m outside sketching and photographing the wilds of Cornwall, often with a dog or two!

“I love to capture the changing moods of my beautiful County. I paint in all mediums often mixed, inspired by the light, the weather and true atmosphere of what Cornwall presents. The wild weather & storms are my favourite subjects, especially along the dramatic coastline. There is no lack of inspiration here, it's ever-changing & that's what I love!”