Kat Fennell

"A perfect antidote to the mundane."

Intricate Visions

Living life without boundaries & challenging preconceptions. Kat creates beautiful intricate visions capturing the imagination, revealing multi dimensional worlds within worlds. Layered networks create images in vibrant colours with forms that flow and draw the eye of the viewer ever deeper.

Graduate of the Natural Sciences and Ecology, self-taught Artist and Designer with a wide range of experience in different fields from Science & Ecology to Jewellery Design, Fine Art, Textile Art and Design, Digital and New Media. Creator of ‘Alchemy Art’ a new technique combining textile art with digital manipulation to explore micro and macro scales of perspective.

Taking inspiration from the local environment; Woodlands, Coast & Moorland as well as Deep Space and exploring concepts of Science, Psychology, Meditation and Spiritual symbolism. Fusing ancient organic textile techniques with modern photography and digital manipulation to produce Artworks with incredible texture and depth. Complex, Ethereal images which speak of the connection between past, present and future. Connecting with our individual need for higher spiritual partnership. A perfect antidote to the mundane. Each piece is a creative journey and exploration from Macro to Micro to Macro, where unusual optical illusion effects draw in the viewer.

Kat’s revolutionary new ‘Alchemy Art’ process starting with the Macro; A3 or A4 sized textile pictures. Abstract Expressionist images of deep space and natural phenomena created by a combination of hand felting, embroidery, mixed media collage and embellishment to build up multiple layers. Textile artworks exploring concepts of science, psychology or spirituality, building in symbolism with colour and geometric forms hidden

within the detail of the picture. Then into the Micro; photographing or scanning at high resolution to search the digital image for tiny details that can only be seen by zooming into the micro-scale. The Microscopic scale part of the process. Manipulating the pieces, changing orientation, or forming symmetrical patterns with simple mirroring to create a new emergent image which represents the conceptual nature of the original piece. This new image is then expanded up to A1 size, so here we are back at Macro again. Printed in high resolution onto Aluminium Panels. A layer of crystal clear Acrylic resin is then poured over the

sheet to a depth of up to 5mm. This process enhances the details and colours in the image, providing incredible depth and texture. With no frame needed these pieces free the image from the confines of a border and have a modern, contemporary feel.