Richard Slater

Devon Masters: A Retrospective

15th January - 3rd February

Works of Arthur Homeshaw & Richard Slater

"To launch the 2018 calendar, Artizan Gallery brings together the works of these South West greats in an exclusive exhibition recognising two exceptional careers."

Devon Masters

It is with pleasing frequency that exceptional artists are found in Torbay and the surrounding South Devon area, with many practitioners producing unique and diverse works that are unmatched in their quality and originality. However, true greatness can often only be recognised in an individuals work after they have lived an extensive career. In this inaugural exhibition of the Artizan 2018 calendar, two such careers are offered up in a retrospective showcase of "Devon Masters" Richard Slater and Arthur Homeshaw.

This two week, exclusive exhibition will provide an exploration of work from across the breadth of these artists' careers, offering insight into the technical mastery they demonstrate in their respective mediums. For Slater, this command is seemingly boundless, as works in oil, watercolour and pastel expand across a variety of stylistic boundaries, all with faultless proficiency; his membership of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour is well deserved, but should not be seen as the definition of his ability. For Homeshaw, a consistent tone and mood are pervasive across all eras of his work, but it was in linocuts that his genius was ultimately revealed, with a characteristic interpretation of landscapes and an expert eye that make his pieces instantly recognisable and highly sought after.

Artizan Gallery is fortunate to hold a significant collection from both artists including the largest commercial collection of Homeshaw's works. For several years now it has been rewarding to see the recognition for these two talented practitioners grow, with Slater achieving sell-out shows, and Homeshaw receiving a high level of attention from collectors. In this exhibition, we look forward to once again celebrating the successes of both these artists, in a joint show that will allow their works to compliment and contrast each other through careful selection from our collection.

15th January - 3rd February

Devon Masters: A Retrospective

Works of Arthur Homeshaw & Richard Slater

Artist Preview: 19th January // 18:00-20:00

Arthur Homeshaw RWA (1933-2011)

Arthur Homeshaw was a Westcountry artist whose work tapped into the deep-rooted influence that represent the best in British art. These perspectives are discernible in both his linocuts and his pastels. Furthermore, his work displays an imagination that is both exuberant yet introverted and at times secretive. This paradoxical quality infuses all his work.


He developed a stylised manner of rendering reality which explored the land and the sea as many of the best English artists have done. This style is delivered with a constant delight that is barely concealed in his work. It consists of the striking use of bold tonal contrasts and complex patterning. There are also bubbling textures redolent of Samuel Palmer’s work (1805 – 1881). Arthur Homeshaw’s work can be placed in the English romantic tradition of Paul Nash (1889 – 1946) and his work also reveals the influence of the wood engravings of Eric Ravilious (1903 – 1942).

The power of his images was the product of a reputation that had been established over fifty years of artistic endeavour. He was a member of the Royal West of England Academy from 1964 and in his last exhibition there in 2010, he was a senior member of the Academy.

Arthur Homeshaw’s work has been purchased by the Victoria & Albert Museum. (Dockside Terraces) In addition, his linocuts were selected for the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1964, 1984 and 1985.

In sum, we are presented with an artist whose vision of the Westcountry landscapes and seascapes underlined his deep attachment to the area. Arthur Homeshaw’s work, whether it is in the medium of linocuts or pastels represent a rare and unique talent.

Richard Slater RI

Richard Slater was born in London in 1927. He attended Hornsey School of Art, which led to a long career teaching at the College of St Mark and St John, first in Chelsea and then in Plymouth. Moving to East Cornwall in 1973, he became a member of St Ives Society of Artists. He has won numerous awards and commissions and was elected to the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour.

Richard is a wonderful exponent of the post 1945 English romanticism with a rare ability to express that style across a range of mediums. His work shows great dexterity with a wonderful fusion of abstracting the landscape, cutting it into little blocks, and putting it together again.

Over his many years of painting, he has produced a wide spectrum of work which is demonstrated with the works on display in this exhibition.

Richard continues to paint most days, with the raw visual materials for his work found on walks, when he gathers aspects of topography in sketchbooks and then back in the studio, those sketches are brought together to create an impressionistic vision.

The Works

Explore the complete collections of these two artists, available exclusively here prior to the exhibition.