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"Poet, writer, workshop facilitator, doing my bit to spark and play with the creativity that fuels the fires of change."

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Fires of Change

I have a natural curiosity and ability to listen and observe, as well as a deep desire to learn and explore, all of which have contributed to the growth of the writer in me. I began writing poems and stories before I was 10 and from an early age was very sensitive to the needs of those around me, aware of how lucky I was and wanting to make the world a better place. These two aspects, the playfully creative and the one who yearns to serve have always competed for my attention and my purpose now is to find the balance between the two and invoke their happy marriage.

Writers’ who have greatly influenced me in this regard include Alice Walker, Athol Fugard, Benjamin Zephaniah and Michael Morpurgo, all of whom create at the highest level artistically and also deeply involve themselves in the social and spiritual well being of the communities in which they live.

I currently live in Scotland, though part of my heart was given to Africa years ago and remains embedded in the rich red soil of that continent. I spent a year in South Africa and three years in Rwanda during my 20s and these experiences have deeply influenced my view of the world and the person I am, for which I am deeply grateful.

My life is varied, with jobs as a carer and English teacher being combined with writing and leading occasional workshops where I offer writing activities aimed at connecting participants with their innate and natural creativity as well as the dreams and fears that want to find a voice. There are examples of these activities on the writing prompts page of this blog.

I see writing as both a creative joy and a spiritual practice, a tool for self discovery and expression that leads me, and hopefully my readers, into a deeper understanding of themselves and the world.


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