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Aug 15, 2020
15th August

Artizan Gallery

Sep 5, 2020

The Art Thief

The Art Thief

A Modern Twist

Have you ever dreamt of having your very favourite works of art on your wall? Few of us could afford that, even if they did come up at auction. It really wouldn’t do to steal them either, so Anna Grayson has re-made them into original contemporary pieces, with appropriate updates.

Anna has been with Artizan right from the start and we have watched her collection of photographic re-makes of famous works of art grow over the years, from the first one, ‘The Arnolfini Marriage’ after van Eyck to her most recent, ‘Self-Isolating’ after Millais’ Marianna, produced during COVID-19.

Anna has been described as a kind of photographic art thief, re-making famous works of art but adding and updating them with a modern contemporary twist and although she started making them for her own pleasure and a desire to create the illusion of a room full of stolen art, the prints have now become collector items and can be found hanging around the World from New York to New Zealand.

Widely exhibited including twice at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, in 2014 and in 2018 where her work was selected to be shown by Grayson Perry in his famous Yellow Gallery, her work has also been shown at the South West Academy in Exeter and the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol. Anna is currently working towards a major solo show at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter when they are able to re-open.

For this exhibition, the team at Artizan, with Anna, have selected some of their favourites, including some which are homages to living artists. Anna’s work has been exhibited alongside some of these artists work at the Royal Academy in London.

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