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Our Place in the Seven Heavens

Curated and Produced with Becky Nuttall as part of the 2019 English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark Festival.

The exhibition also toured to the HeArTs Gallery at Torbay Hospital.

Our Place in the Seven Heavens


Celebrating Our Place

Open Exhibition

Torre Abbey stands along Torbay's appointed sands and within the Abbey's galleries are the beautiful cartoons of The Planets, including the goddess Luna, by Edward Burne Jones, a founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

In Torbay the pull of the moon controls the tides 'with amber hands' and forms our extraordinary UNESCO Geopark, sustaining our fishing and tourism industries - amongst our local businesses is Arundal Astronautics, bridging the distance between us and the stars.

The planets, or the Seven Heavens in medieval cosmology, inspire poets and artists. In this exhibition visual artists, poets and the community are invited to submit works, stories and contemplations on this theme to contribute to a collective response to our unique situation.

Exhibiting Artists

About HeArTs at Torbay Hospital

The HeArTs programme is the beginning of a collaborative vision to bring a curated programme of art and events that develop opportunities for both users and providers of healthcare to engage more fully with the diversity of arts to benefit health and wellbeing.

HeArTs aims to facilitate a range of projects across a variety of health, social care and community settings for expressive, restorative, educational and therapeutic purposes. HeArTs also curates projects that connect with local environmental organisations and conservation programmes to explore the emotional and physical effects of nature on health and wellbeing.

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