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Raw Art Forum Group Exhibition
Apr 29, 2018

Artizan Gallery

May 27, 2018

Raw Art Forum are four artists with individual practices who collaborate on a regular basis.



Raw Art Forum

Collaborative Works

The four Raw Art Forum artists will be showing recent work from their individual and diverse practices at Artizan Gallery Torquay throughout May. The work shown will include both 2D and 3D pieces. In addition to their individual work the group will be showing 'Nutopia' - a piece on which they have collaborated over the past year.

Creating art is generally a solitary experience within which most artists work quietly and honestly at their practices, steadily mining hidden creative seams. Working together however requires a different approach. Egos are set aside, familiar materials are discarded, and new ways of working are quickly learnt. Furthermore, the speed of the creative process alters, ideas flow quickly, and are just as quickly discarded - individual preferences give way to group consensus. Each artist learns from the other. It is a way of working that tests and probes learnt certainties - work that evolves from group collaboration creates a certain momentum and has a life of its own, often unexpected. This exhibition offers the artists of Raw Art Forum the opportunity to show their first collaborative piece. The four artists have worked closely together over the past year and it is from such collaboration that 'Nutopia' has evolved. It is a piece that has surprised them, inasmuch that it bears little or no resemblance to their own work - it has its roots in every day consumerism, within which they have created their own 'medicinal' product models - their mutual sense of fun has informed this collaboration; humour seemingly connect things. They investigate the every day - small things that may, or may not, affect us all. Specifically, this particular work is concerned with expressing personal irritations and exasperations, whilst alluding to trends in modern consumerism, where anything can be marketed where a need is created.

'Nutopia' has surprised them - as stated earlier it bears little resemblance to their individual work, but it is most certainly 'of them' and as such complements what they have already achieved in their individual practices.

Exhibiting Artists