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My Favourite Walks on Dartmoor

Works of Simon Fowler
Virtual Tour
Jul 4, 2020
4th July

Artizan Gallery

Jul 24, 2020

Artizan Gallery is delighted to welcome Simon Fowler back in 2020 for a showcase of new local works.

My Favourite Walks on Dartmoor

My Favourite Walks on Dartmoor

The Allure of Dartmoor

Ever-Changing Landscape

It is perhaps difficult to imagine that in the late 18th Century, the picturesque rolling hills of Dartmoor were not well thought of; the few Georgian visitors this rural area did receive passed through quickly, finding little pleasantness in its baron landscapes. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that this perception was turned around and it was done so by the work of Victorian artists capturing these dramatic landscapes in stunning works of art.

Now it is resoundingly seen as one of the South West’s finest natural beauty spots and for many Devon artists the allure of Dartmoor is still an unmissable subject for their work. One such artist is Simon Fowler who in July will present his own homage to these tors and valleys in his exhibition, “My Favourite Walks on Dartmoor”.

The exhibition is hosted at Artizan Gallery on Lucius Street.

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