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The Hidden View

Virtual Tour
Sep 30, 2019
4th October

Artizan Gallery

Oct 18, 2019

The Hidden View

The Hidden View

Three accomplished Devon artists, Rosemary Bonney, Ann Chester King and Diana Booth, come together to show their latest work of contrasting, harmonising and distinctive styles featuring the Devon landscape.

Painting together for several years, the three have become close friends through their shared passion for the natural world. Though each has exhibited widely, this exhibition will uniquely be the first time they have brought their work together in a single show.

All drawn in their individual ways to the secluded, often unseen and wilder areas of the Devon landscape, works capture views across barren and beautiful moorland or to the rocky shorelines of the dramatic coast and the sea beyond. Through their shared passion for nature and these hidden landscapes, the exhibition promises to offer a harmonious collection of works, that nonetheless respond to the natural world in a diverse contemporary and painterly manner.

Exhibiting Artists