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Artist Support Pledge

Supporting Visual Arts
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Mar 19, 2022
18th March

Artizan Gallery

Apr 9, 2022

Artist Support Pledge

Artist Support Pledge

Offering Our Support

Valuing Creativity

Over the last 24 months Artizan Collective have been supporting artists by participating in the National initiative started on Instagram, Artist Support Pledge. In addition we attended the South West Academy auction last year and purchased a number of pieces by SWAc members to support their fundraising efforts.

Over the next 3 weeks we will be showcasing and offering for sale some of these works in our Basement gallery at Lucius Street as part of our Spring Exhibition, which will also see a group show, 'Echoes in Time' in our Main space and a solo show 'Art of the school' featuring works of Becky Nuttall in our Courtyard gallery.

Proceeds from the exhibition will enable us to continue to participate in such initiatives to support artists in the future.

Exhibiting Artists