Artizan Gallery

All That Jazz

An exhibition reflecting on the themes of the Jazz Age and its legacy - using art, artefacts, testimonies, writing and poetry.


Dig Deeper - Look Closer - Think Bigger

It’s 2020 and we can look back 100 years to the Roaring Twenties and the dawn of a golden age of Modernism expressed in architecture, fashion, art and literature. This includes the Harlem Renaissance, an intellectual, social and artistic explosion - the cultural roots of the Jazz Age.

The era rejoiced in youthfulness being played out under the shadow of the catastrophe of the First World War and its impact on individuals and communities. Many works by poets, writers, musicians and artists symbolised the trauma this generation suffered and also its optimism for the future.

“All That Jazz” is a selective, curated show produced by Artizan Gallery and Torbay artist Becky Nuttall. Inviting reflections on the Roaring Twenties, the exhibition is hosted on the English Riviera and will reflect on the local area’s rich jazz heritage as well as a broader celebration of the era 100 years on. The exhibition will be hosted during Black History Month

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