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Memory And Emotion

Works of Mark Jessett, Jenny Smy, Lisa Parkyn, and Sam Boughton
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Aug 6, 2022

Artizan Gallery

Aug 30, 2022

Memory And Emotion

Memory And Emotion

Innumerable Lenses

Exploring the Abstract

Where do we go and what do we draw from when direct observation is removed? There is no single answer to this question, but it is often an influence for artwork and artists that seek to be less representational and instead lean towards the abstract.

How much, or how little is needed in order to catch “The Spirit of the Mass”? (Ian Watson)

How can an exploration of the relationships between colour, surface texture, translucency and opacity create the intoxicating atmosphere of an engaging story? (Mark Jessett)

How is one influenced by the issues that have a strong meaning to them? (Jenny Smy)

How is a person’s connection to a place expressed as they experience it over changing time? (Sam Boughton & ashar)

And how do we pull together the pieces, things collected and held, as we create? (Lisa Parkyn)

These are works that whilst not necessarily representative of what the eye interprets at the surface level, are no less a way of seeing and experiencing the subject portrayed. And this is what these spaces offer: an alternative way of experiencing, a model for interpreting the world around us that is not limited or prescriptive, that invites us to see through innumerable lenses be they time, emotion, colour or energy.

Join us for our August exhibitions as we continue our Bursary Programme and welcome a group of artists working in abstraction, with works that reflect their individual responses to the world around them.

Works of Mark Jessett, Lisa Parkyn, Jenny Smy, ashar, Ian Watson and Sam Boughton.

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