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Artizan 3D Collection

Selected Permanent Ceramics and 3D Works
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Apr 18, 2021
Throughout 2021

Artizan Collective CIC

Dec 24, 2021

Accompanying our rolling exhibition programme, a permanent selection of 3D works including ceramics, pots and other small items.

Artizan 3D Collection

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Artizan 3D Collection

On Display in Our Collections

The Artizan 3D collections are a permanent display featured at the Artizan Collective Gallery, bringing together a range of talented local and national ceramicists, sculptors and 3D artists. The collections include a range of functional and decorative items, carefully sourced by our curatorial teams to enhance our exhibition offer at the venue.

The displays currently feature works of Chrystine Jones, Gesche Buecker, Jo Myerscough and Frances Spice with additional collections arriving throughout the year.

Exhibiting Artists