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Welcoming 150 artists and hosting 500+ works, the English Riviera Winter Open from Artizan Collective, in 2020 has curated a showcase like no other for the South West.

Selecting on merit across disciplines and experience levels, the exhibition amasses a collection of work marked by its diversity and quality, putting a spotlight on Devon's creatives, whilst also welcoming national and international talent.

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9 Walls of Art

Our Picks

One highlight from every wall...

It's certainly a tough task to narrow down each wall to just one work but these are the nine pieces that staked a claim in their sections at the point of curation. They found their homes and helped define the showcase groupings that would make this exhibition so special.

Enjoy a selection of bold abstracts, explorative mediums and uncompromising skill from 9 phenomenal artists. 

5 Sculpture & 3D Showcases


Sculptures that stole the show...

3D work was a huge feature of this years show and an extensive selection was made from submissions to expand the showcase of collectible, contemporary sculpture on display.

Reopening in November has revealed the 3D works that have caught the most eyes, so here's a selection from across the space that have stolen the show.