Ceridwen Powell

"My passion is colour and how it can be used to express ideas and emotions."

Passion for Colour

Originally from West Yorkshire, I came to Mid-Wales in 1983 to study English at Aberystwyth University. I fell in love with the Mid-Wales region, and have lived in the area ever since. I moved to North Powys in 1998, where I am now very well settled, along with my dog, two ponies and two cats.

I am a self-taught artist and use the artist name Ceridwen Powell to reflect my adopted Welshness.
I am a keen writer and artist, and a strong advocate of arts and creativity as a way for people and communities to thrive and heal. Much of my work explores disability issues, as a disabled person and disability artist I feel that art is a way to raise disability issues and protest about the way that disabled people are treated currently in the UK.


My passion is colour and how it can be used to express ideas and emotions. My work is predominantly abstract expressionist. I am inspired by the colours and shapes of the beautiful Montgomeryshire landscape.

I help run voluntarily an art group for disabled people, Celf-Able, and believe in participatory arts as a way to empower people and promote social inclusion.

Having had no previous art education, I am currently studying for an MA Fine Art, and hope that the course will deepen my understanding and practice of art. I am also taking advantage of the opportunity to try out new materials and techniques, such as working in glass.