Brian Peter Fowlie

"The more I spend time with my Dad looking at the quirkiness and diverse originality of his art, the more "funny" things I find… such as his unusual way of signing in the latter years... he would include his birth date and the year he painted the picture, along with a plus (+) sign to indicate that he is still living."

    The Doodle Master

    Born in Southern Rhodesia to a family of 5 children, Brian Fowlie has lived in Torquay for the past 17 years. At 82, his eyesight is failing, but he still finds pleasure in doodling.


    Growing up in Africa, much of Brian Fowlie's work found its inspiration from different facets of life, there. He has created more localised pieces since moving to England.


    With no formal training in the arts, Brian has loved the creativity of all art forms from a young boy growing up in Africa. He has dabbled in art since his earliest memories and his vast lifetime of personal art works, in varied mediums, is a testament to this passion.


    He has created literally thousands of sketches, images, paintings and clay sculptures over a period of seven decades. The images have been created using all types of art medium including water colours, ballpoint pen, pencil, acrylic, oils and even his unique style of utilising tea bags and coffee stains.


    Each of Brian Fowlie's artworks is unique. He has a free form of expression, colour, style, shape and texture. His art is without rules.

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