Tamara Savchenko


"I am an artist-explorer. I never liked to be put in a box with the label on it. I have experienced life in so many ways that it is impossible for me to stick to one form of art.

I lived in four countries, graduated as a doctor and had a PhD in medicine. I worked as a librarian, a researcher, taught anatomy in a medical school in Russia; a sales assistant, an Avon representative, a science technician and finally a science teacher in the UK. In addition to it I have been a mother of two children and a wife to a successful professor of physics.

All those experiences taught me to accept and study all aspects life. As a self-taught artist I do the same with the art I create. For me painting is a self-discovery, a continuous journey into my psychic and discovering things I want to paint about or just let it flow out of me. My art varies a lot and this is because my mind is constantly looking for a new experiences and ways of expression. I love to observe people so I paint them. I love nature so I paint trees, flowers and landscapes. I admire ballet dancers so I paint them. And finally I love colour and different medium and use it impulsively and expressively therefore I paint abstracts.

There is one theme which is going through my work though. It is a presence of triangles or triangular shapes. Whether it is an object or a composition the triangular theme is very frequently there for one single reason, no curves. I believe that the power of a straight line is underestimated and I am working to show that the world can be seen in straight lines too. The triangle is also a simplest straight line shape but also a very powerful one. It is frequently, in people compositions in particular, represents a choice to be made by you; you and two choices you usually have. It is a part of storytelling. In my ballet paintings it is about body strain, the powerful poses the ballet dancers create. My triangular vision surprises many people but interestingly enough they are convinced by it and as a result I have my paintings in three private collection in Moscow, London and Exeter."


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