Clarity and Mystique

Whilst I'm perhaps better known for my work as an audio professional my approach to photography is much the same as it is within music production. I'm generally seeking out treasures that are hidden in plain sight; highlighting beauty masquerading as seeming insignificance. Once you isolate and freeze a moment, stripping away the context, it becomes its own little world with the power to be whatever you feel it to be. Equal parts clarity and mystique - that's a favoured recipe of mine... I solely work in monochrome, using natural light and minimal editing. We tend to see so much more detail and nuance without the distraction of colour, and the timeless quality of black and white allows the imagery to always be 'in the moment' from the viewer's perspective.

News & Updates

  • October Flash Exhibition Preview - In Plain Sight - Exhibition Gallery


  • October Flash Exhibition - In Plain Sight - Exhibition Gallery