Claire Meharg

Champion of Contemporary Painting

Claire Meharg is a contemporary fine artist with a Masters and degree in Fine Art from the University of Plymouth. She has also studied at Dartington College of Arts and Plymouth College of Arts.

She has widely exhibited in various exhibitions including Vyner Street and Stone Place Galleries, London, Liverpool John Moores University, University of Chester, Liverpool Irish Festival, Peninsula Art Gallery, Plymouth, University of Plymouth, Royal William Dockyard, Ariel Gallery, Totnes and The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington, Devon.

Meharg is a champion of contemporary painting as a practice alongside new technologies. Her work also highlights a UK wide resurgence in painting and 2D work and appreciation of the power of contemporary painting.

"For me it’s an understanding of meaning and a connection with the viewer, through line, form, colour and space," she says, "I am interested in the formal act of painting, rather than the narrative. A photographed image or scene lives for only a split second. Once it passes it has gone forever. It cannot move on or evolve through time unlike a painting that can constantly change with interpretation, connection and trend."

"I don't intentionally position my work within a specific genre. There are links that I discover, and elements that I recognise as having a place, or that may have an influence on my work, or on how I see things. Work often stems from thought associations with specific places and environments, where a cognitive 'map' is formed during early stages of connection with a physical site. The nature of memory and a sense of place are catalysts in my work. There is sometimes an engagement with the past connecting identity, memory and experience. I am not concerned with reproducing an 'obvious visible' or a specific narrative, but an emerging 'invisible', that comes from the act of painting and drawing, and the dialogue that develops between the paint and painter."