Claire Harmer

New Zealand to Torbay

Joy in Creativity

Commencing with ‘Cathedral Cove’ an oil painting executed in New Zealand, 2006, Claire's work maps a journey through distinct periods in her artistic career. These phases are marked by her time spent in NZ, Surrey, Kent and finally Torbay, the birth of her two children and diverse roles in the education sector. Throughout, Claire’s desire to create and share has underlined her practice, from tutoring in the local community of Tokoroa in New Zealand, through to her current commitment to the Medical Tuition Service in Torbay.

"There will always be people that are excited to pick up a pencil, brush, tablet or camera and may feel confident in their creations, and also those that are apprehensive about making a mark, being good enough, reaching their own or others expectations. There are many, maybe even most, who would identify with both. Whether I’m focused on my own journey or that of my students, I endeavour to find real joy and connection with the creative, artistic process."


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  • Meet Artist Claire Harmer at the SSC Virtual Launch


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